Since the beginning of 2018, the Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative (BFMC) has fielded dozens of calls from local organizations and filmmakers wanting to explore the possibility of shooting videos in the Berkshires. Most of the organizations are non-profits who need video for their branding, marketing, fundraising and social media. No longer is a nice website with pretty pictures sufficient to get one’s message “out into the world.” An organization must create original video content and then use that content to populate social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

In response to this need, BFMC is establishing a Community Film Fund in order to support our local organizations. The Community Film Fund will match whatever monies are raised by an organization to help them create high-quality, message driven videos. Many times, this essential marketing and fundraising tool is cut from non-profit budgets. We believe the Community Film Fund will help give a “voice” to our local organizations as well as create jobs for our local filmmakers.