Steve Schwarz / Sound Seller Productions

Year Started: Sound Seller Productions has been in the film and media business for over 20 years.
Union Affiliations: Other
Phone Number: (413)499-3899


Winner 2006 Videographers Awards - Children's Programming for "A New England Horse Show"

Emmy Editing Honors, 2002 Prime Time Emmy Awards, HBO Documentary "Children in War".

Two awards in the 2005 Videography awards for the Sound Seller Production of " The Berkshires an After Dark Tour".

Two Awards in the 2004 Videographer awards for the "EPRI OHT Video Training Series" (Video Editing and Audio Engineering)

Silver Microphone Award 1991 "Polar Beverage Radio" (Audio Engineering)

1st Place 1989 NAVTEC Awards, National Association of Vocational Technical Education Communicators for the training program "Go for It"

Engineering, production or post- production for film, television or audio:

"Judge Dredd", Columbia Pictures

"Clear and Present Danger", Columbia Pictures

"Sex and the City", HBO

"Sex, Lies and Video Tape", Columbia/Tri Star

IMAX Films: "Search for the Obelisk", "Asteroid Adventure" and "Fun

House Express"

"Walker Evans" Documentary, PBS

"Chevy Trucks Shooting Sports America", 39 Show Series, ESPN

"Share the World", PETA (seen by more school aged children in

developing countries, then any other video of its type)
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