Robbie Leppzer

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Robbie Leppzer is an award-winning documentary film director, director of photography, location sound recordist, and editor with thirty-five years experience producing over thirty television and public radio documentaries for national and international distribution. His feature-length and short documentaries, as well as commissioned television news magazine segments, have been broadcast globally by CNN International and broadcast nationally in the United States and Canada by HBO/Cinemax, PBS, CNN, Sundance Channel, HDNet, Black Entertainment Television, Link TV, Free Speech TV, National Public Radio, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

In addition, Leppzer works as a freelance news and documentary videographer and location sound recordist. His broadcast television clients include CNN, PBS, HDNet, CBC, Aljazeera, Bloomberg Television, E! Entertainment, The Learning Channel, Washington, Democracy Now, WGBH (PBS, Boston) and WGBY-TV (PBS, Springfield, MA).

Since 1985, Leppzer has been director of Turning Tide Productions, a documentary video production company located in Wendell, Massachusetts.

He is currently directing, shooting and editing a feature-length documentary in association with HBO.

Watch samples of documentary directing, videography, sound recording and editing:

Watch samples of music production videography and editing:

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Production Gear Package Includes:

Panasonic AJ-HPX3100 2/3” AVC-Intra (100MB) P2 HD Camera

Sachtler Tripod

Zaxcom Nomad 6 6-Track Audio Field Recorder and Mixer

Sound Devices 302 Mixer

Schoeps CMIT Shotgun Microphone (2) + Full Zeppelin

Schoeps Cardioid

Sanken Wireless Lavs (4)

Sennheiser Wireless Lavs (2)

Lectrosonic and Sennheiser Wireless Systems

Sennheiser Cardioids (4)

Edirol 4-Track Audio Field Recorder

K-Tek Articulating Boom Pole

Kino Flo Diva Lite-400 Light Kit

Mini-Mole Light Kit

Lowell D Light Kit

Small HD 5.6” LCD Monitor

HP 24” LCD Monitor
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