Michael Desabrais

Year Started: 1977
Union Affiliations: Other
Phone Number: (413)519-5489


I studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. My first job was in a small production company. Today I am working on a variety of corporate, commercial, and documentary productions.

I have a diverse background that began editing film on an 8 plate steenbeck. My mentor was a man who was suffering from late stage cancer. I will never forget him. I was his hands as he taught me the craft of editing film. Later I transitioned to editing video in multi-format on-line editing where I learned the engineering required to be an on-line editor. I supervised editorial for countless commercial spots. Because of my knowlege of post I was often called to work on set as a crew member, and involved in pre-production planning.

I began freelancing in 1989. I equipped myself to shoot and edit video. I owned one of the first non-linear editors in MA and my clients found my experience and the non-linear technology allowed us to focus on telling the story rather than managing the technology.

I have been in the business now for over 35 years and can honestly say I still love it :)
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