jim rubino

Year Started: Jim Rubino has been in the film and media business for over 20 years.
Union Affiliations: Other
Phone Number: (917)601-6895
Contact email: jim@fluidny.com


Jim Rubino is a working video editor from NYC. He works and lives in NYC, and has a weekend house in the Berkshires. Rubino has worked as a commercial editor for the past 17 years. In addition to his commercial work he has edited two feature films, "LBS" and "Slingshot". He is now finishing his first documentary, "Gentleman Gangster" which he also produced. He is gearing up for editing his second documentary, "Skywalkers".

Throughout his career, Rubino has edited commercials for a number of clients which include Diet Coke, Sprite, Chase Bank, Etrade, Fidelity, Burger King, PNC Bank, Checkers, Scotts, Olay and Maybelline.

Rubino, is known for his visual storytelling ability as an editor and a person who offers creative solutions to projects.
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