Jenny O’Haver

Year Started: O'Haver + Co has been in the film and media business for over 20 years.
Union Affiliations: Other
Phone Number: (413)528-6728
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We cast commercials, new media, television, film, print and voiceover. Our experience includes union and non-union actors, celebrities, 'real people' and children. We cast in New York, Los Angeles and on location around the US and Canada.

Jenny offers private coaching to adults and teens. Her students have used her instruction to book roles on feature films, television and commercial projects. For further information about private lessons and classes, please call 413.528.6728.


‘Duets’ (MTV Series Pilot) - MTV Productions

‘Fame: The New Reality’ (AMC) - Eddie Rosenstein/Rick Velleu, Dirs.

‘Ubuntu’s Wounds’ (HBO) - Sechaba Morojele, Dir. *

‘What If I Were Home Alone’ (PBS Special starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas) - Fred Barsak, Dir.

‘Quinn & Coda’ (Sony Dream Project) – Elma Garcia, Dir.

‘Breaking Patterns’ (Indie Film) - Ryan Kampe, Dir.

‘Malachance’ (Indie Film) - Gerardo Naranjo, Dir.

‘Best of California’ (Syndicated Travel Series) - Castle Creek Prods.

‘A Stoner’s Life’ (Indie Film) - Brett Froomer, Dir. **

Las Vegas Shorts (Indie Film) - Peter Kagan, Dir.

Carmen Electra Dance Video - Ed Lachman, Dir.

‘The Store’ (Indie Film) - Robert O’Haver, Dir.

Gravity Kills ‘Enough’ Music Video - Rocky Morton, Dir.

Philosopher Kings Music Video - Canadian Productions

Pete Droge ‘Beautiful Girl’ Music Video - Mark Pellington, Dir.

* Cannes Festival Selection and Pan-African Best Short Film Winner

**Sundance Best Short Film Nominee


‘Hotel Dicks’ Fox Pilot starring Don Cheadle

‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ Select Episodes Starring Will Smith

‘Equal Justice’ 13 Episodes with Executive Producer/Director Thomas Carter

‘Defending Your Life’ Feature Film Starring Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep

‘Maximum Destruction’ Indie Feature Film Starring Ned Beatty

‘Death of the Incredible Hulk’ TV Movie Starring Bill Bixby

‘When Will I Be Loved’ TV Movie Starring Crystal Bernard

Assistant Manager of Nighttime Casting, NBC Studios, Burbank


Project - Director

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island – Elma Garcia

Pampers – Elma Garcia

Voice For The Uninsured (AMA) – Elma Garcia

Kleenex - Brett Morgan

Bristol Myers Squibb (starring Lynn Redgrave) – Bennett Miller

High School Playbook – Peter Kagan

Pepsi (starring Christina Aguilera) - Tarsem Singh

Payless Shoes - Wayne Craig

Applebee’s – David Cornell

Lowe’s - Elma Garcia

Pepsi - Tarsem Singh

Verizon - Leslie Dektor

Boeing - Elma Garcia

Gillette - August Baldersson

AT&T - Elma Garcia

Marshall Fields - Lloyd Stein

Enbrel - Elma Garcia

American Pharm. Assoc. - August Baldersson

Pedigree - Elma Garcia

Kohl’s - Barbara McDonough

John Hopkins Memorial - Andy Hall

Sun Trust - Jayson Moyer

British Petroleum/Amoco - Leslie Dektor

Wendy’s (Multiple Spots) - Elma Garcia

SciFi Channel - Jayson Moyer

Medicare - Caitlin Felton

Gallo - Elma Garcia

Curly Fries - Pascal Chaumeil

Kmart - Barbara McDonough

Bank One - Elma Garcia

Wells Fargo - Bob Giraldi

EPT - Elma Garcia

Quaker Oats - Annabel Jankel

Publix - Elma Garcia

APS Energy - Joe Murray

Visa - Elma Garcia

NJ State Aquarium - Dan Hertzog

Pravachol - Leslie Dektor

Northwest Air - Elma Garcia

Tropicana - Leslie Dektor

Denny’s - Elma Garcia - Leslie Dektor

Deloitte & Touche - Elma Garcia

Conseco - Tracktor

Saturn - Neil Abramson

Peugeot - Peter Smillie

AT&T - Jerry Brown

Chevy Malibu - Danny Ducovny

Elder Abuse PSA - Melanie Mayron/Catlin Adams

Budweiser - Danny Ducovny

Fixodent - Jim Edwards

San Francisco Jazz Festival - Rich Wafer

T.C.I. - Danny Ducovny

Sears - Peter Kagan

Ohio Lottery - Joe Murray - Michael Faye

Mercedes Benz - Mehdi Norowzian

Cherry Coke - Vaughan Arnell

Lion King II Promo - Danny Ducovny

V8 - Peter Kagan

Jack In The Box - Dick Sittig

Kodak Advantix - Danny Ducovny

Lycos - Danny Ducovny


Project – Director

Credit Card Testimonial – Elma Garcia – Elma Garcia

Bristol Myers Squibb (2 campaigns) - Bennett Miller

Dove - Leslie Dektor

Pepsi (with Christina Aguilera) - Tarsem Singh

Coors Light (with Kid Rock) - Michael Bey

NCAA PSA - Pam Thomas

Boeing - Elma Garcia

Hershey’s - Riess/Hill

Arrowhead Spring Water - Elma Garcia

American Pharmaceutical Assoc. - August Baldersson

Pedigree - Elma Garcia

Wisk - Riess/Hill

Honey Baked Turkey - Harvey Wang

McDonald’s - Paul Dektor

Sam’s Club - Pete Sillen

Honda - Traktor

American Express - Leslie Dektor

Am. Pharmaceutical Assoc, ‘02 - Bob Giraldi

Ford - Leslie Dektor

Confident America - Joe Pytka

AOL - Harvey Wang

Coca Cola - Traktor

Sam’s Club - Mr. Big

Am. Pharmaceutical Assoc. ‘01 - Bob Giraldi

Home Depot - Peter Kagan

Harmony Cereal - Elma Garcia

Allstate Insurance - Leslie Dektor

Visa (Olympic & NFL) - M. Karbelnikoff

Chex - Elma Garcia

Biotech Council - Leslie Dektor

Cheerios - Elma Garcia

Ohio Lottery - Joe Murray

La Quinta Suites - Brett Froomer

Biotech Council - Leslie Dektor

Am. Pharmaceutical Assoc. ‘00 - Elma Garcia

Frito Lay - Annabel Jankel

MSN Microsoft - Bryan Buckley

Mercedes Benz - Harvey Wang

MyFamily.Com - Michael Faye

IBM - Joe Pytka

Mercedes Benz - Mehdi Norowzian

Chase Bank - Brett Froomer

The Plain Dealer - Joe Murray

3Dfx - Bob Richardson

Cherry Coke - Vaughan Arnell

Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Peter Kagan

‘Sleeping Beauty’ Promo - Michael Apted

Gateway Computers - Harvey Wang

Buick - Pam Thomas

‘Jungle Book’ Promo - Michael Apted

Southwest Airlines - Peter Kagan

‘Lion King II’ Promo - Danny Ducovny

Nintendo - Charles Wittenmeier

‘Living Treasures’ Promo - Jim Edwards

V8 - Peter Kagan

Blue Cross - Peter Kagan

Kodak Advantix - Danny Ducovny

NIKE - Jonathan Glazer

J.C. Penney - Peter Kagan

Arizona Jeans - Peter Kagan

Tropicana - Leslie Dektor

Saturn - Neil Abramson

APS Energy - Joe Murray

Arco - Peter Kagan

Lucky ’s - Herb Stott

Lycos - Danny Ducovny


Project - Director

Domino’s Pizza - Luciano Quilici

Payless Shoes - Ramses

McDonald’s - Ramses

Payless Shoes - Joe Scudiero

US Cellular - Milagro Films

Payless Shoes - Blair Hayes

McDonald’s - Elma Garcia

Burger King - Joe Scudiero

Pontiac - Adam Cohen

CA First Five - GMMB

Burger King - Tony Ober

Dodge - Traktor

Coca Cola “Abuelita” - Leslie Dektor

Coca Cola “Repair” - Leslie Dektor

Burger King - Joe Scudiero

MyFamily.Com - Michael Faye

Burger King - Neil Abrahamson

Confident America PSA - Joe Pytka

McDonald’s - Elma Garcia

CCFP - Peter Kagan

Coca Cola - Traktor

Univision (Starring Lumi Cavazos) - Elma Garcia

Lucky ’s - Herb Stott

Nike - Richard Sears


Project - Director

McDonald’s (In Tagalog – Filipino) - Richard Goldstone

Jack In The Box (In Mandarin Chinese) - Dick Sittig

CCFP (Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean) - Peter Kagan


Project - Photographer

Land-O-Lake Butter - Peter Zander

Ford - Peter Zander

Aricept - Peter Zander

Serono Pharmaceuticals - Peter Zander

Union Bank - Sam Jones

Nissan Calendar - Eichiro Sakata

Chivas Regal - Shawn Michienzi

Sonicare - Mika Manninen


Thompson Reuters - Full Campaign (6 spots + announcer)

Assured Guaranty


Denny’s – Full Campaign


Miller Genuine Draft

Lucky’s (English & Spanish)

California Lottery (Multiple Spots)

Nesco Pharmaceuticals

Coca Cola

Arrowhead Spring Water
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