Edie Hofstatter

Year Started: Edie Hofstatter has been in the film and media business for 8 years.
Union Affiliations: AFTRA-SAG
Phone Number: (860)309-0654



30 Rock featured NBC

Forensic Files(“Two In A Million” ) principal Medstar Television/Court T.V.

Astonishing News principal Milky Way Media/Nippon T.V.

Life As Nin (pilot) principal Cows R Us Production

The RSN Lounge featured Resort Sports Network


Rachel Getting Married principal Jonathan Demme

Aquarium featured Rob Meyer

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee featured Rebecca Miller

Dirge To The Sea principal Adam Huston

Industrials / Videos

Cyberounds lead (x2), supporting (x2) interMDnet Corp.

Once Upon a Time Adventures principal Zone 5 Pictures

Peek a Boo Baby principal Wicked Good Productions

HDO Training testimonial Max World News
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