Diana Barton / Walking City Production Rentals

Company: Walking City Production Rentals
Year Started: Walking City Production Rentals has been in the film and media business for over 20 years.
Union Affiliations: DGA, Other
Phone Number: 774.454.4726


We are New England's premiere equipment rental company providing most everything you need to get your production up and running.

From television, and small budget indies to feature films and live events, we're here to help you provide your crew with what they need to build a supreme and well run base camp.

Not only do we possess beautifully designed and custom-built dressing room trailers, but we can also provide walkie-talkies, tables, canopies, chairs, and much more.

We pride ourselves on customer service, so if you have any other production needs, let us know and we'll do what we can to fulfill them.



Is a 38' two room, celebrity dressing room travel trailer exquisitely designed with the rich traditions of New England in mind. Each is fully equipped with all the amenities that will make this trailer feel like your home away from home. In each identical room one will find; a most comfortable couch with built in foot rest and lovely pillows, a fold down table, an HDTV LCD 1080p flat screen TV, DVD player, Ipod and CD stereo system, microwave, refrigerator, a full bathroom with shower, full vanity mirror area for makeup and hair, and a floor to ceiling wardrobe closet with full length mirror.

The cabinets are handcrafted by Indiana Amish in beautiful cherry wood. There are cabinets galore, making storage of all your items quite easy. The lighting is complimentary and custom built. The upholstery is designed for comfort and durability in rich fabrics of classic design.
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