Cristina Porras

Year Started: 2003


The Jinn (2007–HD) Directed by: iris Green (1st Assistant Director)
Bombay Skies (2006- 16mm) Directed by: Rita Rani (2nd Assistant Director)
Distortion (2005 –Super16mm) Directed by: Kirk Fogg (On Set Dresser)
Behind the Curtain (2005 -16mm) Directed by: Alvaro Ron (2nd Assistant Camera)
The Big Hit (2003- HD) Produced by: Brandon Nutt (Director, and Production Designer)
The Open Window (2003- DV) Produced by: Peter Crawford (Director, and Production Designer)
NightShift (16mm) Directed by: Shari Marcacci (Production Designer, 2nd Assistant Camera)
Good Will Hunting (Film School Exercise 2003-DV) (Production Designer)
Catexis (2001- DV) Directed by: Pedro Curbelo (Production Designer)
Behind the Curtain (2003- 16mm) Directed by: Alvaro Ron (2 nd Assistant Camera)
Wetwork (2003- HD) Directed by: Jason Jensen (2 nd Assistant Camera)
Suzannah (2003- HD) Directed by: Huw Bowen (2 nd Assistant Camera)
Espumas (2001- DV) Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (2 nd Assistant Camera)
The End (2003- DV) Directed by: Miguel Gomez (1st Assistan Director)
Canal 1 Producciones (2002) Assistant producer of a TV Pilot.
Arte Vision Producciones (2000-2001) Production Assistant and Assistant Director.
A&B Producciones (2001) Internship as Assistant Producer, Director.
Animateam Producciones (2000) Assistant Director and Editor.
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