Craig Crawford / cadenceVFX

Year Started: Cadence has been in the film and media business for 18 years.
Union Affiliations: Other
Phone Number: (413)464-5554


From a young age I had a passion for art and I am truly fortunate to have found what I love to do. During the past 10 years of my career I have been populating and bringing football stadiums to life in "We are Marshall", "Leatherheads" and "The Express", helped Speed Racer and his mach 5 automobile become the champion of the world. Most recently I jumped on board to help in the dramatic vampire transformations in DreamWorks stereoscopic feature "Fright Night" and helped Dominic and his crew ride that fine line between ruthless drug lord and relentless federal agent in "Fast Five". I am a skilled, experienced lead compositor with over 10 years of feature experience. Classically trained before moving into the visual effects field. I have an eye for colour and composition with a technical mastery to match.

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