Boyd Estus

Company: Heliotrope Studios Ltd.
Year Started: 1967
Union Affiliations: IATSE
Phone Number: 617-964-8181 / 978-249-0165 / Fax: 617-964-8030


PBS American Masters (Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind "Little Women;' Edgar Allan Poe: Buried Alive; Woody Guthrie: I Ain't Got No Home; Becoming Helen Keller)
PBS American Experience ( Murder at Harvard; Houdini; Annie Oakley; The Wright Stuff; Alone on the Ice; Public Enemy #1; The Kennedys; Eyes on the Prize)
PBS NOVA (Typhoid Mary: The Most Dangerous Woman in America; Absolute Zero; Secret of the Wild Child; Spy in the Sky; So you want to Be a Doctor?)
PBS Frontline (Heat, Facing Death, Apocalypse!; The OJ Verdict; Harvest of Fear; From Jesus to Christ; Commanding Heights)
Flight of the Gossamer Condor (Academy Award); Eight Minutes to Midnight (Academy Award nominee)
BBC - Fake or Fortune; The Real History of Science Fiction; Steve Jobs - Billion Dollar Hippie; Panorama; Horizon: Great Orchestras
The Navigators: Pathfinders of the Pacific
The Last Gladiators
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