West Stockbridge Grange, No. 246


Entry 6'6" x 5'8"

Stair Hall 14'3" x 11'2"

Kitchen 16'6" x 11'2"

Loft 32'9" x 11'2"

Meeting Room 32'9" x 36' with 17' ceilings (Stage is 8' deep)

Description of Location:

Built in West Stockbridge in the year 1838, this building underwent interior renovations in 1919 which remain largely untouched today. Originally a Greek Revival Methodist Church with gothic windows, the building has a small foyer, a stair hall, upstairs loft, a kitchen and a large meeting room. Measuring 33 by 36 with 17.5 foot ceilings, the meeting room has built-in side seating and a stage with the original advertising curtain. A detailed description, dimensions, additional photographs and historical information can be found on the web site.



Address: 5 Swamp Road, West Stockbridge, MA 01266, United States
Website: http://sawyerantiques.com/grangeno246.html
Phone Number: 413-232-7062
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