• Production Services

    - Finding crews & resources for local & visiting productions
    - Assisting with location scouting
    - Helping organizations with budgets/schedules/filming
    - Generating revenue for local businesses (hotels/caterers)
    - Establishing a stock footage library with 1Berkshire
  • Education

    - Teaching production courses at local colleges
    - Producing workforce development workshops
    (How to be a Production Assistant, Screenwriting, and others)
    - Establishing mentorship opportunities for students
  • Community Fund

    A matching fund to help local non-profits create impactful videos for their fundraising, branding, marketing & social media
    - Awarding grants up to $5,000.
    - Teaching basics about production
    - Creating jobs for local filmmakers
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  • Networking

    - Connecting film/media professionals
    - Creating employment opportunities
    - Promoting resources in the region
    - Encouraging local hiring


The path not taken. The summer forest itself charges the memory of when two people almost changed their lives for each other.

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