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Our current courses include:

Film Production 1 and 2 in Collaboration with Berkshire Community College

Open to students ages 16+

Film Production 1 is a non-credit workshop in collaboration with BCC

This introduction to film and video production provides a foundation in the principles, techniques and equipment involved in video production, from script to final edit. Students write, produce, direct, and edit individual short projects and participate in group projects.

Upon completion of this course students will be able to understand the basics of narrative, scripting, camera operation, direction, lighting, sound, and non-linear editing; demonstrate proficiency in camera operation including framing, exposure, focus and movement; demonstrate competency in non-linear editing software; and use the terminology of video production/post-production competently.

Film Production 2 is a non-credit workshop in collaboration with BCC

In this advanced beginner course, students will be supported in further developing their craft and skill in video and film production. Each student will direct a short film or video—either narrative, experimental, or documentary—and be assigned to crew on other students’ films. Upon completion of this course, students will have a short film to enter into festivals or use as a calling card for professional video production work. Come to the first class with a potential idea for your film.

Shoot a Movie On Your iPhone

This course has been taught in the Berkshires as well as in the Pioneer Valley at UMASS Springfield Center.  More dates and locations coming soon.

This course covers: basic storyboarding, camera techniques, editing, audio considerations, and how to share your movie.

Our Workforce Development courses have included

  • “Get A Grip” How to Be a Grip PA
  • The Art and Craft of Cinematography
  • Learn to be a Production Assistant.

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These folks learned to “Shoot A Movie on Your iPhone” with BFMC